Hygrotech was created in 1984 and originated from a company called Roode Lyon, which was well known in the vegetable seed and agricultural industries of South Africa. Hygrotech pioneered the development of F1 hybrids in the SA vegetable industry.


Many other technologies were introduced, developed and championed by Hygrotech in SA in the early days such as – the Seedling system and polystyrene trays, foliar feeding, environmentally friendly stickers etc. Thus Hygrotech is now deemed the market leader in vegetable seed marketing and distribution in South Africa. Offering a “one-stop” service to more than 4 000 clients throughout South Africa, Hygrotech offers seed, adjuvants, growth stimulants, seedling systems (seed trays, growing medium and sowing machines), adjuvants, fertilisers, foliar feeds, biological products, plant manipulators and mechanical implements – in short many of the necessities for the modern vegetable farmer, and agriculture in Southern Africa. Supply of top quality products from abroad and locally is guaranteed by long-standing agreements with Intellectual Property Companies who are recognized as the leaders in their respective fields.

Two strategies followed diligently by management distinguishes us from the competition, namely: Energetic marketing and direct sales to the end-user (farmer, processor, etc) and A world-class technical department conducting its own Research & Development based on identified client needs, market trends and sourcing of new products on Hygrotech is fortunate in that its human resource element is fully committed to the cause, with many employees being shareholders in the Company where they are employed, thus ensuring ownership of the company and its performance. a worldwide basis.

Our mission is to continuously and pro-actively identify and evaluate the needs of all current and potential clients regarding vegetable seed, as well as related and supporting products and shall strive to satisfy such needs within acceptable norms. Sell quality products, if possible on an exclusive basis, through trained and experienced staff, supported by systems and procedures acceptable to clients and HYGROTECH. Expand the market by recruiting and retaining quality clients in our market segments by way of goal-driven marketing, primarily based on direct selling. Offer our products at a competitive price to our clients, assuring an acceptable growth and profit to HYGROTECH.

A Company of PEOPLE with a HANDS-ON style and a PASSION for our industry. We conduct ourselves with HONESTY, INTEGRITY and RESPONSIBILITY and allow room for DEVELOPMENT and GROWTH. 

Take OWNERSHIP of our Company and achieve GOOD RETURNS for our shareholders. We are a Company that offers OPTIONS and operates with DYNAMISM, tackling life with OPPORTUNISTIC INNOVATION.

  • Selection based on market requirements
  • Trial evaluation in selected locations
  • Networking with retail groups, processors, suppliers and consumers Farmer’s days, special training sessions, media promotions and specific growing guidelines Intercompany breeding co-operation

Identification and design of products Formulation and manufacture Extensive trial evaluation Product promotion and technical back-up